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Howdy folks,

Here are pictures of the new horse arena built by Flavio and Josh for Storm Creek Racing.

Arcs & Sparks fabricated the new steel structure at their Molendinar workshop and then erected it on site.

Then our men-of-steel pulled out their six-shooters (a CNC plasma cutter) to carve out a stunning steel sign for the arena.

Here is a picture of the face-masked welder’s faithful companion, Silver, parked outside the arena. Silver is a fast-response mobile-welding vehicle capable of reaching anywhere in SE Queensland in but a moment.

Contact Annie at Arcs & Sparks

If you're looking for someone to build some sturdy fences with no horsing around - please call Annie Oakley on 0429 931 050.

Graeme Diamond Testimonial

I am happy to recommend his workmanship to you for any metal fabrication and mobile welding jobs.

Graeme Diamond – Storm Creek Racing

Return with us soon for more thrilling tales of metal fabrication by our face-masked welder and his trusty sidekick.

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